Well written and able to captivate audiences with vast beliefs! I believe things are changing, beautiful things to come in the future. Thank you for sharing:)

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Love all of your articles and your collaborations

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Excellent sleuthing Dan!

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when Saturn and Neptune hit zero point critical mass in 2026 it will be EVERTHING EVERYWHERE ALL at ONCE ~

all the music all songs, all the books all the movies, all the net flick hbo series... all that is contained within the collective consciousness will be hitting a critical mass ⚡️🪞⚡️🪩⚡️💎 flashpoint

and reality will shift in the blink of an eye like a flash of lightening across the sKy ~

as we choose in an instant, love or fear, life or death, heaven or hell, the heart or the minD ...

but wait, isnt it ALL MIND?

we need to mind h our manners asap ~

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Oh dear! I have a stellium of Pisces (sun, venus, saturn, mercury and chiron) in my 10th/11th house and pluto sitting on my MH. Not a single molecule of air other than a gemini NN. I would like to write drama therapy scripts for 12-step recovery groups.... looks like a good time for me to shine my sensitive self!' Said the Mystic Mermaid with Jupiter/Neptune conjuncting her ASC/DESC axis, respectively. Cheers, Meghan

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Great to have this overview of what is going on right now!

...and what we can expect going forward.

And even more important: how we can frame this so as to negotiate it better. because right now, it's hard to know how to deal more constructively with the growing electronic dependent world we are living in, other than trying to become a total Luddite & throwing it all away.

Yet there are so many benefits to this technology - even my 93 y.o. mother has her iPad to thank for massively improved quality of life: she can read ebooks from the local library with print as large as she needs - or listen to audio books as an alternative. She can play word games with people all over the world. And of course connect with email or Skype or Zoom.

So no, we don't want to throw it away!

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