You seem to consistently come up with brilliant analyses. I can't say I LOVED reading this but it is compelling. Well done!

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you are pretty accurate in everything I ve read and listened to so far ~ you are a leader and a wayshower in the REAL astrology thats about to shift this planet pretty violently ~ thank god because the horse and pony show for their egos and bank accounts are about to end, they ve sold out to the main stream which is about to turn into a raging river ~ and swallow them whole, stay away from thier assemblies, tell ander sun too and thank you both for all you ve done to advance REAL astrology ~

in particular stay out of the west coast, Gaia is about to speak and we will be doing more than just trembling ~

time has come ~

thy kingdom come ~

if you have interest I have some terrifying charts for you to look at, none of the others have the integrity to face the mirror ~ justice is about to be de served πŸͺΆβš–οΈβš‘️✨🌈✨

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