This piece has been turning in my head for a bit— I had to come back and say thank you for the enlightenment!

It had me think about how businesses became individuals under law in the USA. I thought about how businesses have recently been acting more like how humans do in survival mode— reactive, hoarding, etc. I thought about how individuality grew entrepreneur culture and encouraged people to get business licenses. I thought about how contract workers are becoming more common in the tech space. All of these themes correlate to Aquarius imo. Additionally, businesses are the children (metaphorically speaking) of billionaires— tying this into the mythology behind Aquarius.

Perhaps businesses will legally become their own full-blown entities — almost like feudalism reborn. A promise of prosperity that morphs into exploitation (pretty fast too considering it’s Aquarius!)

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This analysis was stimulating and thought provoking for me so I hope you will be alright if I share some thoughts it raised for me about the trajectory of Pluto's evolutionary Aquarian intentions.

I was immediately reminded of some other social movements that took place in the late 1700's that were not noted in this historical record of Pluto and particularly the ascendence then and now of a huge, discontented group in the third estate.

"What class of people has risen to great influence and prosperity, yet finds itself at odds with formal power structures in our societies?"

I would suggest that this question perfectly describes women and people of color. Increasingly likely to be highly educated and highly successful, these groups find themselves, not only underrepresented in government, but their rights are under increasingly severe threat. As the Pluto transits the final stretch of Capricorn regressive, conservative, authoritarian forces seem determined to eliminate certain individual rights and to exert totalitarian control over targeted populations. This threat is being met with vocal dissent by these groups in the US, Iran, and elsewhere.

The last ingress of Pluto into Aquarius shined a light on these same groups. The late 1700's saw many Enlightenment philosophers defending the rights of women including Jeremy Bentham, Marquis de Condorcet, Mary Wollstonecraft's (A Vindication of the Rights of Woman), Olympe de Gouges (Declaration of the Rights of Woman), and Abigail Adams.

The first abolitionist society in the US was founded in 1775. 1783 saw abolitionist efforts in Britain and Ben Franklin submitted an anti-slavery petition to the First Congress in 1790. Pluto in Aquarius raised the issue of human rights.

While I see the point you are making from the perspective of Tech billionaires, is it objectively true that they are being shut out of the ruling class like the French bourgeoisie were?

"We need to think hard about the imbalances, contradictions and injustices Pluto’s transit through Capricorn has already revealed."

I would suggest that Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Silicon Valley billionaires can hardly be described as facing injustice or being on the receiving end of imbalances. These plutocrats more closely resemble France's nobility, who were exempt from taxes and laws affecting the common man, than they do the third estate. In fact, their stratospheric wealth often provides strategies for paying no taxes at all (like French nobility) and places at their disposal a different justice system with delayed or little accountability.

Further, they are not underrepresented individuals barred from running for office or casting a vote as a citizen like everyone else. Their enormous wealth ensures they will have an outsized seat in the halls of power and a loud voice provided by an army of lobbyists. The perceived injustice by plutocrats is the outrage that anyone would dare to regulate them on behalf of the common good. And shock that they are mildly constrained from wielding the unchecked power of kings over their fellow citizens who agreed to be governed by elected representatives who wield power on citizens' behalf. Plutocrats' grievances and resulting behavior can be more accurately characterized as thwarted entitlement with ensuing frustration rather than some true injustice.

What seems to have been revealed under Pluto in Capricorn is a brazen declaration by the authoritarian/nobility/plutocratic class that, "laws don't apply to us, we are exempt from regulation, taxes are for the little people, elections don't apply to us, neither personal nor national boundaries apply to us, and some people (like us) have inalienable rights and intrinsic value while others do not." Today's "nobility" has demonstrated the shadow of the entitled classes through profoundly ignoble behavior: open abuses of power, corruption, racism, misogyny, and the violent entitlement behavior seen in naked power and land grabs.

In the last ingress of Pluto in Aquarius, the bourgeoisie advanced Aquarian philosophies to secure their own rights while actively disenfranchising others. They created a ruling class comprised of themselves while preserving a peasant class to be ruled over. Perhaps the evolution of this coming turning is to erase that hypocrisy and to codify inalienable rights for everyone that cannot be overpowered by authoritarian and plutocratic power grabs? And as Uranus progresses through Taurus perhaps this evolution is no longer about the concerns of the moneyed class, but a revolution of values. What has value and who? Will it finally include everyone?

What if the roadmap for the future is actually being telegraphed, not by the grievances of plutocrats, but by the determined assertion of the inalienable rights of the heretofore "peasant class" as evidenced by the unfolding struggle against domination in Ukraine, Iran, the US, and in many other nations, organizations, and homes around the world?


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